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September 2019

Sat 21st             5.30 p.m.        Wood              Sacrament of Reconciliation

Sat 21st            6.00 p.m.       Wood              Joan O’Brien,           (Gerald O’Brien)

SUN 22nd           9.00 a.m.       Fram              For the people of the Parish

SUN 22nd           11.00 a.m.     Wood             Gay Green,               (Linda Flaherty)

Mon 23rd           9.15 a.m.       Wood              Morning Prayer

Mon 23rd          9.30 a.m.       Wood              Gay Green, †      (Julia Crimmin)

Tue 24th           9.15 a.m.       Wood              Morning Prayer

Tue 24th           9.30 a.m.       Wood              Fr. Ivan Rudkin,

Wed 25th         No services on Wednesday.                      

Thu 26th          6.30 p.m.       Fram               Caroline Claydon, †   (S.V.P.)

Fri 27th           9.15 a.m.        Wood              Morning Prayer

Fri 27th             9.30 a.m.        Wood              Eamon Gaffney,      (-)

Sat 28th            5.30 p.m.        Wood             Sacrament of Reconciliation

Sat 28th           6.00 p.m.       Wood              Joan O’Brien,         (Gerald O’Brien)

SUN 29th          9.00 a.m.       Fram               William Franklin,     (Lyz Franklin)

SUN 29th          11.00 a.m.     Wood              For the people of the Parish

Mon 30th         9.15 a.m.       Wood              Morning Prayer

Mon 30th         9.30 a.m.       Wood              Alfredo Palao ,         (Celine Brown)


TABLE TOP SALE at Saint Thomas’s Church, Woodbridge, weekend of 21st & 22nd September.  All proceeds to Saint Thomas’s Church Maintenance Fund.

THURSDAY   MASS: From 3rd October, Thursday Mass at Saint Clare’s Church, Framlingham, will be celebrated at Noon.

The Annual Deanery Quiz will take place at St. Mary’s Church Hall, Ipswich, at 7.30 p.m. on Saturday 5th October.  Teams of 4 plus any children. £5.00 per adult, children free. Free buffet provided. Bring own drink. Charity – Mary’s Meals. See notice board for further details, writes Ron Woolgar.

IPSWICH  HOSPITAL CHAPLAINCY: If you wish to be visited by the chaplaincy team when you are in Ipswich hospital, a message may be left for them at the hospital chaplains’ office. Telephone the hospital switchboard on 01473 712233 and ask for the chaplains’ office.

September Anniversaries.  Please pray for the repose of the souls of the Faithful Departed, whose anniversaries are recorded in the parish’s Register of Deaths for the month of September:-    Maurice Keating (1997), Evelyn Matthews (1997), Annie Blee (2000), Augustine O’Brien (2001), John Morris (2002), Olive Greig (2003), Joan O’Brien (2007), Florence Evans (2007), Carmella Robinson (2009), Father Ivan Rudkin (2009) Parish Priest,  Wendy Howarth (2010), Peter Hills (2010), Robert Tipper (2010), Margaret Brackenridge (2011), Giovanni Castrofilipo (2011), Christina Ward (2012), Joan Cox (2012), Hermione Vanneck-Pott (2013), Margaret Cooper (2013), Ronald Murphy (2013), Frances Mahon (2015), Shelia Trevelyan (2015), and Agnes Humphrey (2015).  May they rest in peace. Amen.


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