Ipswich Hospital Chaplaincy

Ipswich Hospital NHS Trust

Suffolk Nuffield Hospital, Foxhall Road, Ipswich

Saint Elizabeth Hospice, Foxhall Road, Ipswich


These two hospitals and hospice are served from Saint James's Parish, Ipswich, by Father Adrian Gates.  To contact him please telephone Ipswich (01473) 726701.  If you are being admitted to hospital and would like to be visited by Father Gates whilst you are there please tell him before you go in to hospital.  The hospital chaplains are unable to obtain from the hospital authorities the names of people admitted to hospital. You will only be visited by a member of the hospital chaplaincy team if you let them know that you are there.


Emergency Contact

In an emergency, Father Gates can be contacted by the Ipswich Hospital NHS Trust.  Please telephone the hospital switchboard or ask a member of the hospital staff "to page" the Catholic Chaplain.