The Roman Catholic Parish of

Woodbridge with Framlingham


Making a Donation to the Parish


The Parish Treasurer is Mr. Simon Ashenden.

The Parish Gift Aid Officer is Mrs. Jean Wallace.


Standing Order

If at all possible, please give by Standing Order.

Giving this way helps the parish greatly because it:

  • Removes the need to count, store and bank cash.
  • Reduces administration time and the use of parish volunteers.
  • Streamlines the Gift Aid claim process.
  • Helps the parish to plan its cash-flow.

You can create a new Standing Order either on-line or in branch using the details of the parish bank account which are available from the Parish Treasurer.  Alternatively you can use one of the forms provided by the parish.

Standing Order forms and Gift Aid Declaration forms are available from our churches at Woodbridge and Framlingham, or you can write to our Parish Treasurer to request copies of the forms:

The Parish Treasurer.

Parish Office, St. Thomas's Catholic Church,

13-15 Saint John's Street, Woodbridge, Suffolk, IP12 1EB.


Gift Aid

It is a great benefit to the parish if people who pay Income Tax (or any other Tax to the Inland Revenue) sign a Gift Aid Declaration in favour of the parish.  The parish is able to claim 25p for every £1 given which has been Gift Aided. 

We are required by the Charity Commissioners to keep records of all such donations - the most convenient ways for us to do this are by receiving Standing Orders or weekly donations in Offertory Envelopes which are provided by the parish.

Example: A weekly offering of £10, when Gift Aided becomes £12.50.  Over the course of a year this is an extra £130 which the parish will receive on a weekly offering of £10.  Gift Aid is a very imporant source of additonal income for the parish.


Gift Aid declaration forms can be downloaded from the diocesan website, here: Gift Aid declaration form



Making a Donation by Cheque

Donations can be made to the parish by cheque. Please make cheques in favour of "Woodbridge Catholic Church" and send to the Parish Treasurer at the address shown above. 

Barclays’ Bank, with whom our parish’s current account is held, is no longer willing to accept cheques which do not have the correct name of the parish’s account writtten upon them.



Making a Bequest to the Parish

The Diocese of East Anglia suggest the following wording for a form of bequest: 

"I give the sum of £ .......... to the East Anglia Roman Catholic Diocese Trustee of The White House, Poringland, Norwich, NR14 7SH, upon trust to apply the same for one or more of the charitable purposes of the Roman Catholic Parish of Woodbridge and Framlingham in the County of Suffolk."


The Diocese of East Anglia has provided helpful advice on drawing up a will or legacy.  It can be read here: Helpful advice on drawing up a will or legacy.


The Parish Finance Committee

Appointed December 2022 for a three year term:-

Ex-officio members

Father Edmund Eggleston

Deacon Mike Vipond

Appointed by

Father Eggleston

Simon Ashenden (Parish Treasurer)

Michael Moohan

Mary Lambert (Gift Aid Officer - from April 2024)


Stephen Leach



Registered Charity

The Roman Catholic Diocese of East Anglia is a Registered Charity, No. 278742


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