Liber Defunctorum, 1940-1945

Liber Defunctorum, 1940-1945

Of your charity pray for the happy repose of the souls of the soldiers and airmen whose deaths and burials are recorded in the Liber Defunctorum of Saint Thomas of Canterbury Church at Woodbridge, 1940-1945.

Sergente Pilota Giuliano RigoloneCorpo Aereo Italiano, died 16th November, 1940, age 21.  Buried on 20th November, 1940, at Ipswich Public Cemetery.  

  • On 11th November 1940 a plane of the Corpo Aereo Italiano was pursued by a plane of 46 Squadron R.A.F.  The Italian plane crashed in Tangham Forest, Bromswell, near Woodbridge.  The co-pilot Sergente Pilota Giuliano Rigolone was injured.  He died five days later from his wounds and was initially buried in Ipswich by Father Nicholson, the parish priest of Woodbridge.  The wreckage of the Italian Fiat BR20M plane was removed to the Royal Aircraft Establishment at Farnborough for evaluation.  The planes of the Corpo Aereo Italiano were based in occupied Belgium at the beginning of the Battle of Britain.
  • In October 1957 his body was exhumed and re-buried in the Italian section of the Military Cemetery at Brookwood, Surrey (Plot 16, Row 3, Grave D).


Lance Corporal Frank Kay, Intelligence Corps, died on military service, on 20th June, 1941.  Buried on 23rd June, 1941 at Badingham Parish Churchyard, Suffolk, age 25.

  • The son of Mr. & Mrs. Frank Kay of Laxfield.    Lance Corporal Kay “was fatally shot whilst carrying out instructions in certain security exercises”.  See Hansard, vol. 383, 10th November, 1942, page 18, Accidents/Compensation.


Sergeant Pilot Thomas Joseph Leonard McEnery, 23 Squadron R.A.F. Volunteer Reserve, died in an air crash at Ramsey, near Harwich, on 22nd July, 1941.   Hurricane II.Z3503 pilot.   The son of Maurice and Elizabeth McEnery, of Blairhill, Lanarkshire.  Buried by Canon Thomson on 28th July, 1941, at Ipswich Public Cemetery, age 20.


Flight Sergeant Lawrence Milbert Bowen, Royal Canadian Air Force, bomber crew (wireless op./air gunner).  Died 3rd September, 1941, in an operational flight.   Buried by Canon Thomson on 5th September, 1941, at Ipswich Public Cemetery, age 26.

  • On return from a bombing raid over Frankfurt, Germany, his aircraft caught overhead cables and crashed at 03.55 on 3rd September, 1941 into two houses in Rectory Lane, Kirton, Suffolk. 
  • The Son of William and Margaret Bowen of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  Husband of Elsie Ada Bowen, of Toronto. They had married 26th December, 1940.


Sergeant William Joseph Patrick Gregory-Coleman, Royal Australian Air Force, pilot, of Freemantle, Australia.  Died on 7th September, 1942, and buried by Canon Thomson on 10th September, 1942, at Ipswich Public Cemetery.  His headstone inscription reads, “Fervent Catholic. Honest and Trustworthy. R.I.P.”  Age 21.

  •   6/7 September, 1942; DUISBURG - NICKELS/RHEIMS:  Sgt. Thom (R5744), flying as captain for the first time, successfully completed a leaflet sortie in the Rheims area of France. Meanwhile, the Main Force, comprising 207 bombers attacked Duisburg. The squadron dispatched nine aircraft, all of which attacked the target successfully. Whilst on their bomb run P/O Jeffreys (R5752) and crew received three direct hits from flak, during which time the 2nd pilot, Sgt. Gregory-Coleman R.A.A.F. and Sgt. Maloney were wounded. The aircraft Captain managed to nurse his Lancaster back to England where over Orfordness he ordered four crew members to parachute to safety. P/O Jeffreys remained at the controls in order to attempt a safe landing with his wounded comrades on-board. A belly-landing was made at Martlesham Heath airfield, but sadly too late for Sgt. Gregory-Coleman who had died from his injuries.
  • The son of Edward and Catherine Gregory-Coleman of Auchenflower, Queensland, Australia.

Link:   Virtual War Memorial Australia


Private Michael McCarthy,  Auxiliary Military Pioneer Corps.  Died 29th August, 1945, at Orford, age 44.  Buried on 1st September, 1945, at Woodbridge Public Cemetery.

  • Husband of Beatrice M. McCarthy (nee Garrett).


Lux ӕterna luceat eis, Domine,

cum sanctis tuis in ӕternum,  quia pius es.



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