The Roman Catholic Parish of

Woodbridge with Framlingham

Who's Who

Chairperson of the Parish-in-Council Vacant.
Vice-Chairperson of the Parish-in-Council Jean Wallace
Secretary to the Parish-in-Council Jean Wallace
Chairperson St. Clare's Steering Group In rotation
Secretary to St. Clare's Steering Group Gillian Clark
Parish Safeguarding Representative Michael Moohan
Parish Treasurer Simon Ashenden

Parish Finance Committee,

ex-officio members:-

Father E. Eggleston

Deacon M. Vipond

Parish Finance Committee members

appointed by Father Eggleston:-

Simon Ashenden (Parish Treasurer)

Mary Lambert (Gift Aid Officer)

Ann Vipond

Stephen Leach

Michael Moohan



Childrens' Liturgy Susanna Gibbons

Claire Robinson, Iris Carr, Annie Rogers, & Kate Russell-Hoare

First Holy Communion Catechists

Susanna Gibbons

& Linda Flaherty

Claire Robinson

Counters' rota Jean Wallace Joan Mealing


Mary Lambert ----
Organist / church music Brian Bartlett Kate Russell-Hoare & Ann Vipond
Church flowers Anne Barratt Gillian Clark
Church cleaning rota Gill Wright

Maeve Wigley

Fire Officer / Fire Prevention

Michael Moohan

David Taylor

Vivienne Taylor

Parish Fundraising Anne Barratt Patsy Sears
St. Vincent de Paul -

Wendy Hardinge, 

S.V.P. chair

St. Anne's Nursery School, Kalimpong

Angie Punaks

Fiona Ruia

Parish CAFOD representatives Myles Smith Claire Robinson
S.P.U.C. representatives Jean Wallace Suzanne Wilkinson-Booker
A.P.F. / Missio representatives

Jean Wallace

Sue Wallace




Churches Together


Ron Woolgar

Deacon Mike Vipond, Ann Vipond, & Wendy Hardinge


Updated on 08.06.2024.


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